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Arichives… saved!
July 21, 2009

Over the weekend, in Wyoming, I fell in a stream. A shallow stream. I didn’t think I would fall in, so I left my iPhone and my Blackberry in my pockets. When they emerged, drenched (along with me), I was less upset than I thought I’d be. Mostly because I was dripping wet and grateful that only Sara and one or two other people saw me fall in… this also explains why there are no pictures of this event. But then I realized I might lose all the photos on my iPhone, the Arichives. And my secret lists (bucket and otherwise).

But, O Apple: thank you. I upgraded to the 3G S yesterday, and plugged in last night, and — lo! — all the photos returned to my phone. The secret lists, too. My homescreen, of Sara and Ari at Yosemite, returned.

So enjoy this snapshot of the miniman… Miniman!


Hello world!
December 31, 2006

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!